Same-sex couples face the difficulty of mounting debt just as often as heterosexual couples. Unfortunately, married same-sex couples often face a greater struggle when they opt to file for bankruptcy protection. Recently, a Los Angeles, California couple attempted to file for Chapter 7 and ran into some legislative difficulties.

The couple, legally married in 2008, was denied their right to file based on a bureaucratic principle. There has been some recent speculation as to whether or not Section 3 of DOMA, which prohibits the government from recognizing same-sex unions, is constitutional. However, recent rulings have confirmed that most judicial officials believe that same-sex couples should be allowed to file jointly for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The couple plans to file an appeal based on the current political climate. The Obama administration has been on the fence concerning the rights of same-sex couples. Activists believe that if same-sex couples can be legally married, they should also be able to legally file for bankruptcy jointly. Given the ongoing controversy, it's often difficult for couples to know where they stand in terms of litigation.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection is often the saving grace for California couples struggling financially. Regardless of gender, and a whether relationship is heterosexual or homosexual, the strain of added debt remains the same. As the nation eagerly awaits the outcome of the controversies surrounding the rights of same-sex couples, those who are considering Chapter 7 as a method of debt relief may find it helpful to consult with a legal professional.

Source: The Bay Area Reporter, "Breaking: Lawyers seek speedy appeal in gay bankruptcy case," Matthew S. Bajko, 07 July 2011